“Global Warming—One Person at a Time”
Nancie King Mertz

September 4 - October 3, 2008
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“As our world becomes nearly solely dependent on technical communication, the art of personal connection is rapidly on the decline. While traveling to many different countries since 1991, I’ve found a key to communication through art.”  So states the artist in commenting on the subjects that comprise this exhibition of watercolors, pastels, and oils reflecting her global travel. While Nancie King Mertz is a Chicago-based painter with a world-wide canvas, she also has made her place as a successful owner of  a popular gallery and a respected framing service. Her local honors include a City of Chicago commission to capture the character of this metropolis for inclusion as prints in a promotional portfolio. She received her BFA in Painting at the University of Illinois-Urbana in l974 and an MA degree in Painting at Eastern Illinois University in 1977. For more examples of her work, visit <www.NancieKingMertz.com>.

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"Shadow Dancer"